Amplify Europe

Tailored coaching for European media

Amplify Europe provides tailored mentoring, capacity building and targeted grants to support revenue development and business sustainability of the most promising digital media from selected countries in Europe. With a focus on encouraging digital-led business models with diverse revenue sources, it supports forward-thinking strategies that support social impact and increase media plurality.

Key features

  • One-on-one coaching, training, networking and community-building to drive business growth
  • Diverse media management advice by hand-picked experts with understanding of local markets
  • Media start-up specialists to help young media identify and develop optimal business strategies and models
  • Focus on developing new revenue streams and building audience while maximising engagement and customer experience
  • Advice on organization, leadership, project structure and execution workflow
  • Small, targeted grants tied to capacity support to maximize effectiveness
  • Pathway to MDIF loan and equity investment and ongoing Media Advisory Services support

Participating media

G4Media Logo

Country: Romania
Type: Digital is an influential news, analysis and investigative website covering domestic and foreign politics, economics and justice.

HotNews Logo

Country: Romania
Type: Digital is Romania’s leading independent digital outlet with around 5 million unique users per month, known for providing credible, consistent news.

Mediapool logo

Country: Bulgaria
Type: Digital & Print is one of Bulgaria’s oldest news websites providing national coverage and enjoys a reputation as a reliable, ethical and objective source of information.

Panorama logo

Country: Romania
Type: Digital is a Bucharest-based economic and business multimedia platform focusing on slow journalism, longreads, interactives and data visualization.

recorder logo

Country: Romania
Type: Digital is one of the most important independent video-journalism platforms in Romania, producing impactful independent documentaries and investigations.

Sibenikin Logo

Country: Croatia
Type: Digital

ŠibenikIN is one of the most-read local portals in Croatia and is the first and most reliable news portal in Šibenik-Knin County. It is recognized for its high quality diverse content.

Logo Spotmedia

Country: Romania
Type: Digital is a fast-growing online platform launched in 2020 by a group of experienced journalists, publishing mostly interviews, analysis and constructive journalism.

Country: Bulgaria
Type: Digital

Pod Tepeto is a regional digital media outlet based in Plovdiv known for its unbiased and independent reporting that extends beyond its regional base.


Country: Romania
Type: Digital is a Hungarian-language media based in Transylvania acting as a watchdog of local democracy.

Criteria for joining the program

Having successfully launched its business sustainability and innovation-support program for digital media in Bulgaria and Romania in 2022 before extending it to Croatia, Amplify Europe is currently closed for applications. However, we plan to extend the program to other countries in the region in the near future, so please check back for details.

There are strict eligibility conditions for participation.

1. Applicants must be small or medium-sized independent media companies, at least six months in existence, with digital at the core of their business.

2. Applicants should have a particular business/ revenue/ transformation project they are planning to work on over the next 12-24 months (or early stages of an existing project) addressing one or more of the following focus areas:

  • New revenue opportunities: Innovative solutions to revenue challenges that media companies face – opening up new revenue streams to make media organizations more sustainable and independent.
  • Digital native products: New approaches to collecting news and information, and to reporting, storytelling and distribution, that embrace the possibilities of technology and contribute to the viability of news operations.
  • Reaching communities outside capital/ big-city bubbles: Innovative approaches to reach that empower people outside of major urban areas and those generally underserved by existing news media.
  • Innovation in distribution: Media technology and tools that help to distribute local and relevant news in a cost-effective and sustainable way.
  • Transition to digital: Finding and implementing solutions, products or processes that assist legacy media to transform their businesses.


Currently, Amplify Europe is closed for applications.

Yes. Amplify Europe is planning to open to media from other select European countries in future.

Amplify Europe principally provides capacity-building support, supplemented by targeted grants of up to EUR50,000.

Currently, Amplify Europe is closed for applications.

No. While Amplify Europe supports and encourages local language projects, the application must be in English.

Yes, but they must provide us with business information, including about revenues and projects.

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