Bulgarian digital news outlet Pod Tepeto joins MDIF’s Amplify Europe program

Bulgarian digital news outlet Pod Tepeto joins MDIF’s Amplify Europe program
Photo: Pod Tepeto

MDIF is pleased to introduce Pod Tepeto as the latest participant in Amplify Europe, a business sustainability and innovation-support program for digital media from select countries in Europe.

Joining a cohort of eight existing participants (two media outlets HotNews.ro and Panorama.ro joined the program as one participant) from Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria, Pod Tepeto is one of Bulgaria’s first regional digital news platforms. Based in Plovdiv, the local media outlet has been awarded the Courageous Reporters Award, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Award and the SBZ Award for its independent news coverage. Owing to the consistency of its in-depth reportage, it is now regularly cited by national news channels.

Here is a rundown of the other existing Amplify Europe participants:

G4media.ro – Widely cited by Romanian and international media for its coverage of domestic and foreign politics, economics and investigative stories, G4media.ro has found its place amongst the top websites in Romania, according to Media FactBook, just five years since its birth. G4Media is committed to defending and strengthening an independent press in Romania by informing readers fairly and independently through daily news, exclusive stories, investigations and analysis.

Hotnews.ro – One of the most-read breaking news websites in Romania with 5 million unique users per month, Hotnews.ro is one of the most credible and consistent news publications in the country. Bringing together a newsroom with some of the best journalists in the country and adapting innovative technologies to help them reach newer audiences, Hotnews.ro aims to branch out from news into explainers and news features and become a destination for original content.

Mediapool.bg – One of the oldest news websites with a national presence in Bulgaria, Mediapool has always been at the forefront of pro-European reforms and continues to address the most important public interest issues. It provides objective coverage of events, investigates corrupt practices in politics and business, and facilitates solutions-based dialogue to the problems faced by the country.

Panorama.ro – A Bucharest-based financial multimedia platform, Panorama is one of the most ambitious projects in the Romanian media landscape. Its in-depth reporting of major trends impacting Romania and the world has earned international awards and a reputation as a trustworthy information provider. Built on the concept of ‘slow journalism’, Panorama takes complex topics and provides in-depth analysis by using innovative means like data visualization, infographics and interactive storytelling.

Recorder.roSometimes called “a national phenomenon” in Romania, Recorder has established itself as a leading video journalism platform in the country. Documenting topics of national interest through documentaries and investigative video reports, Recorder’s work on YouTube, often receiving millions of views and topping trend charts, has influenced public debates and forced public institutions to be accountable. On the backs of a successful podcast “On The Record” , Recorder has one of the most popular journalistic YouTube channels with more than half a million subscribers.  

Spotmedia.roLaunched in 2020 by a group of experienced journalists, Spotmedia is a unique initiative that focuses on in-depth analysis about education, digitalization and the environment, among other subjects. Bringing together a community of more than 40 area experts and NGOs, Spotmedia platforms case studies and success stories to help people find solutions to their everyday problems. Targeted towards a younger demographic, Spotmedia successfully expanded into podcasting with monthly programmes on how to be a citizen, quickly making it a leading voice in Romania with 1.5 million unique users.

Uh.ro – Created by a team of young entrepreneurs, Uh.ro is a Hungarian-language local media based in the Transylvania region in Romania. Founded on the principles of defending freedom of press and the power of local communities, Uh.ro positions itself as a local watchdog dedicated to serving the local community in the region.

ŠibenikIN – One of Croatia’s most-read local news portals, ŠibenikIN is the leading news portal in Šibenik-Knin County and is widely recognized for its high-quality, diverse content. Started with the aim to shed light on areas that are ignored by mainstream media, the outlet aims to have a positive impact on the local community by reporting on social problems, minority rights, corruption and other topics.

Each of the nine participants in Amplify Europe have earned a reputation as a reliable sources of information in its country. Additionally, they have all been actively experimenting with ways to build innovative news-products and revenue generation verticals to help them connect with wider audiences and build their financial sustainability.

Amplify Europe participants receive up to $50,000 for their project and join the two-year innovation and capacity building program, where they take part in a range of activities, including mentorship and training, management capacity scaling, finding new audiences and generating sustainable and diverse revenue streams.

As the media companies grow, Amplify Europe will also provide a pathway to loan and equity investment and ongoing capacity and venture support through Media Development Investment Fund and its Media Advisory Services technical assistance hub.

Read more about Amplify Europe here.