Human rights organization and investment fund

Mission statement: Dedicated to building independent media

Timely, accurate, relevant information is critical to free societies. Yet 85% of the world – more than 7 billion people – live in countries where the press isn’t free. We provide financing and strategic advice to media companies in countries where a free press is under threat, helping them to build commercially viable, self-sustaining businesses strong enough to protect their editorial freedom and drive change in their communities.

Values statement: Strength through shared values

MDIF is a values-driven organization. We seek to embody our values in everything we do. Our team has created a values statement that captures our principles and guides our work and relationships.

Funding policy: Diverse funders underpin independence

Our mission is supported by a broad spectrum of foundations, impact investors, development agencies and individuals. Each one shares our commitment to free media and open, thriving societies. Being able to draw on a robust funding mix helps us stand proudly as an independent organization driven forward by our own principles and values.

Eligibility criteria: Dedicated to quality news, information and debate

Our clients are media companies that are dedicated to the highest standards of news and information in the public interest. Though diverse in media type, audience and geography, they share a commitment to driving positive change in their societies.

SFDR statement: Committed to transparency and sustainability

We are committed to transparency and sustainability in our funding and investing relationships. We are fully compliant with the European Union’s SFDR.

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