• Breeze FM, Zambia

    Providing a unique combination of private ownership and community orientation, Breeze FM is a model for rural radio

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  • Gram Vaani, India

    Gram Vaani gives India’s rural poor a voice

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  • Malaysiakini, Malaysia

    As the country’s leading political news website, Malaysiakini.com is helping to drive change

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MDIF invests in independent media around the world providing the news, information and debate that people need to build free, thriving societies.

Apply for Financing

If you would like to apply for MDIF financing, you will first need to complete an inquiry form. We will then evaluate whether your organisation meets the basic eligibility criteria and start the detailed application process.

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Invest in Media Development

There are several ways to invest in our work, depending on the financial returns you seek, the term of your investment and where you are in the world.

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Our Portfolio

homeOurPortfolioSince 1996, MDIF has provided more than $226 million in affordable financing to over 117 businesses in 41 countries, media that provide the news, information and debate that people need to build free, thriving societies. Our clients range from small local newspapers to national multi-platform broadcasters, in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Zimbabwe, Ukraine and Nepal.

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Our Impact

Sales growth*
Audience growth*
Total client reach
in client sales leveraged by each $ invested

MDIF has measurable impact on the financial sustainability of news businesses. By working with us, leading journalists build businesses that are strong enough to hold governments to account, expose corruption and provide a platform for debate.

* median growth after 5 years of working with MDIF

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