Track record

Photo: Katadata/ Karyawan Katadata

Track record

From 1996 to March 31, 2023, MDIF provided more than $298.4 million in affordable financing, including:

$252.5 million

in loans and equity investments

$45.3 million

in technical assistance and other grants

$47 million

in interest, dividends and capital gains

$79.4 million

collected in recovered principal invested

MDIF has invested in 148 clients across 47 countries, writing off 9.87% of the total loaned and invested.

MDIF has returned
$67 million
to investors

MDIF manages a portfolio of
$148.2 million
assets under management

Portfolio Review

The MDIF Portfolio Review 2021 provides an overview of the performance of our investment portfolio, including visualisations of allocations by geography, press freedom ranking and corruption. It also offers an insight into our clients' critical work around the world and organisational developments.