Financing growth

MDIF provides affordable debt, equity and quasi-equity financing for projects that strongly advance a news organisation's economic potential. We work with businesses from early-stage ventures to established players seeking to expand audience or revenues, companies that lack access to investment capital without strings attached to their editorial.

Our financing helps independent media companies to fulfil their economic potential while safeguarding their editorial independence.

Since 1995 MDIF has invested $298.4m in 148 independent media businesses in 47 countries where access to information is under threat

Part of our mission is to attract and aggregate capital for the independent media sector. To maximise the impact of our work, we invest funds from our own balance sheet and manage investments for others seeking financial and social returns on their impact capital.

Investing with purpose

Investing with purpose

We work in a range of countries where access to free and independent media is under threat from governments or powerful business interests. Since making our first loan in 1996, we have invested in 47 countries on five continents, from Peru to Indonesia, Ukraine to South Africa.

Advice and assistance

In addition to capital, we also invest technical assistance, provided by a team of in-house specialists and outside consultants. Our Media Advisory Services tailor advice and assistance to the specific needs of each client through one-on-one consultancies and group events. Our focus is providing practical, cost-efficient solutions that deliver positive financial or audience returns, helping clients make informed decisions and take advantage of digital opportunities.

Since 1995, MDIF has provided $45.3m in technical assistance