Amplify Europe announces digital media winners

Amplify Europe announces digital media winners

We are pleased to announce that Amplify Europe has selected the winners of Phase 1 of its business sustainability and innovation-support program for digital media from selected countries in Europe.

They comprise two outlets from Bulgaria, and, and 5 participants from Romania:; and (which joined the program as one participant);;; and, a Hungarian-language local media based in Transylvania.

Winners will be awarded up to $50,000 for their project and join Amplify Europe’s two-year innovation and capacity building program, where they can take part in a range of activities, including mentorship and training, to help media increase their management capacity, build audiences and generate sustainable and diverse revenue streams.

As the media companies grow, Amplify Europe will also provide a pathway to loan and equity investment and ongoing capacity and venture support through Media Development Investment Fund and its Media Advisory Services technical assistance hub.

Phase 1 of Amplify Europe’s intake is restricted to media from Bulgaria and Romania. Program support will be extended to digital media in other selected European countries in 2023.

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