Companies we work with

We work with some of the world’s leading independent media companies, vital institutions that are the lifeblood of open, vibrant, democratic societies. From digital startups to national multi-platform broadcasters, each one provides its community with timely, accurate and relevant information. From South Africa’s Mail & Guardian, the continent’s foremost investigative weekly and beacon of independent journalism, to pioneering Southeast European broadcaster RTV21, our clients help people to participate fully in public life, hold the powerful to account and protect the rights of the individual.

Client awards

MDIF clients uphold the highest professional standards, producing pioneering news reports, in-depth investigations and innovative business developments that make an impact on their regions and countries. They act as the watchdog of their communities, exposing corruption and holding the powerful to account. Last year, more than half of our clients won awards for the quality of their journalism, their courage and their business innovation.

Countries we work in

MDIF invests in countries where access to free and independent media is under threat. Since 1996 we have provided financing to news businesses in 47 countries, from Guatemala to Indonesia, Ukraine to Lesotho. Many of the countries we work in have poorly developed banking systems, distorted markets and unfavourable investment climates. Often, they are transition economies or controlled by governments that are hostile to the idea of free and independent media.

100% of our clients operate in countries where the press is not good according to RSF's World Press Freedom Index