Behailu Shiferaw

Program Manager-Ethiopia

Behailu has 14 years of experience in media and communications in Ethiopia and East Africa. Most recently, Behailu had a work placement at the BBC Media Action, London, during which time he contributed to the feasibility study for the International Fund for Public Interest Media and worked on PRIMED project development. While in the UK, he was also a Chevening Scholar studying Politics and Communication at the London School of Economics.

Prior to that, Behailu worked in Ethiopia as a Voices from the Field/Communications specialist for WaterAid, focused on producing strategic media content for the organization’s international fundraising and advocacy purposes. Behailu also led communication for non-profits training in Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria and the UK and worked for Children’s Radio Foundation and UNICEF. He has five years of journalism experience – often concurrently practicing and teaching.