News businesses gather in Jakarta for Media Forum 2012

More than 100 of our clients, investors and staff met in Jakarta, Indonesia, today at the opening of the Media Forum 2012.

KBR68H welcomed news leaders from about 30 countries to the atmospheric home of the country’s first independent radio news agency and its sister station, Tempo TV.

The theme of this year’s Media Forum is ‘transition’, in particular the digital transition facing news media worldwide as they confront the challenges of providing quality news and information in a world where the old truths about advertising and circulation revenue no longer apply. Over two days, news outlets, MDLF staff and external experts will share strategies and experiences of developing sustainable news businesses in times of profound change.

The meetings will focus on issues such as developing advertising sales, paid content models and using social media to expand audience and revenues, as well as regional issues impacting on the media in Asia.