MDIF partners with European Press Prize for award ceremony in Prague

MDIF partners with European Press Prize for award ceremony in Prague

MDIF has partnered with the European Press Prize to organize the award ceremony for this year’s edition of the European Press Prize, to be held at the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP) in Prague on June 6. The award, co-founded by MDIF in 2012, aims to support excellence in journalism and uphold its values in and around Europe.

The ceremony will not only bring together the finalists for the prize, but also provide a common ground for media outlets and other stakeholders to come together and discuss issues surrounding European journalism.

Majka Nemcova, Chief Operating Officer, MDIF, and Board member of the European Press Prize said: “Recognizing quality journalism has become ever more important in a world of disinformation and declining trust in media. With press freedom deteriorating and being chipped away in many parts of this region, I am particularly pleased that this year’s ceremony is in Prague to celebrate the best journalism pieces from across Europe and to remind us of the essential role of independent, trustworthy media for democratic societies, contributing to governance, accountability and respect for human rights.”

Talking about this year’s partnership with MDIF, Jennifer Athanasiou-Prins, Executive Director of the European Press Prize, said: “MDIF is a trusted partner in Prague that blends global know-how and local insights – and therefore a natural partner to work closely together with.”

We, at MDIF, are excited to be co-organizing this award ceremony at CAMP, an organization that believes in fostering dialogue and public debate in Prague.

Winners and runners-up for this year will be announced at the ceremony on June 6. The shortlist for this year has already been announced.

Checkout the shortlist.

You can learn more about the European Press Prize here.