MDIF Impact Dashboard 2023

MDIF Impact Dashboard 2023

Media Development Investment Fund has released the MDIF Impact Dashboard 2023, an annual analysis of our impact results published since 2005. Tailored to our mission to foster independent media for free societies, it assesses changes on two levels: the impact of our support on clients and their impact on their communities. You can download the Impact Dashboard materials here.

Impact on clients

Long-term performance data reveals that our clients strengthen their media businesses while working with MDIF.


average revenue growth after 5 years with MDIF


average reach growth after 5 years with MDIF


average staff growth after 5
years with MDIF

Since we acknowledge that our support is just one of many factors influencing
client performance, we also actively seek direct feedback from clients to validate the impact of our support.

  • 98% of clients find our support valuable.
  • 85% experience changes with MDIF.
  • 98% of clients who saw changes describe them as positive.
  • 81% believe it’s unlikely to have happened without MDIF.

Impact on societies

By disseminating high-quality news and information and carrying out work that creates impact, MDIF clients contributed towards fostering more informed, inclusive and open societies aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


people got their news and information from MDIF clients last year


of clients said that they created real-world change last year


awards were won last year, with 72% of clients

For more information, view a slideshow below or download the Impact Dashboard materials here.