MDIF clients win awards in recognition of the quality and importance of their reporting

MDIF clients and their staff continue to uphold high journalistic standards, producing pioneering news reports and innovations that make an impact on their countries or regions. Since the beginning of the year, their outstanding work earned them at least 17 different awards and professional recognitions, at international or national level.

In particular, clients have been collecting prizes at an amazing rate in recent weeks, including the following:

Agora, Poland

  • Gazeta Wyborcza photojournalist Sławomir Kamiński was presented with the main award in the Grand Press Photo 2019 prize, as well as winning in the Events category.

Children’s Radio Foundation, South Africa

  • SAMIP participant Children’s Radio Foundation landed third place at the World Digital Media Awards in the category for Best Innovation to Engage Youth Audiences for their WhatsApp Radio Integration project.

Malaysiakini, Malaysia

Rappler, Philippines

Scroll, India

  • Scroll’s Eco India, a solutions-focused web series highlighting environmental initiatives produced in collaboration with Germany’s public international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, was awarded the intermedia globe silver prize in the “Documentaries: Sustainability” category at the World Media Festivals.