Amplify Europe partners among the most quoted media sources in Romania

Amplify Europe partners among the most quoted media sources in Romania

Three Amplify Europe partners, and, have been ranked in leading positions in MediaTRUST’s list of the most quoted media sources in Romania in December 2023.

The analysis of the most cited media sources was carried out on the basis of more than 10,000 materials from press publications, television and radio news broadcasts and materials from websites that appeared through the month of December, 2023.

According to the report, and are ranked in the top 10 of the most cited media sources in Romania. occupies sixth place, being cited 273 times, with being quoted by other journalists from the country 214 times.

In the most quoted online portals section of the analysis, three Amplify Europe partners were placed in the top five, with first, fourth and in fifth position.

About our partners– A news and analysis website launched five years ago. It covers domestic and foreign politics, economics and justice, as well as investigative journalism and focuses on daily news, exclusive stories, investigations and analysis. G4Media’s mission is to defend and strengthen an independent press in Romania by informing readers fairly and independently. The outlet’s investigations and articles are widely quoted by the Romanian and international media and seen as influential on policy decision-makers.– The country’s leading independent digital outlet and one of the most-read breaking news websites in Romania with around 5 million unique users per month. It is one of the most credible and consistent news publications in the country. HotNews follows high standards of journalism and combines the talent and passion of the best journalists in the country with the newest technologies. Its editorial aim is to branch from news into explainers and news features, and become a destination for more types of original content.– Perhaps the most impactful independent online media organization in Romania, which has been called “a national phenomenon”. Recorder documents topics of national interest and publishes video investigations that have had tremendous success. Recorder aimed to become the most important independent video-journalism platform in Romania, a mission it has now accomplished. Recorder’s documentaries and investigations receive millions of views, often becoming number 1 trending topics on YouTube, creating public debate and putting pressure on state institutions to be accountable. Recorder has one of the country’s most popular YouTube channels with exclusive journalistic content (around 550k subscribers). It also produces the most popular Romanian news podcast, “On the record.”