Building business capacity: Amplify Asia adds 8 new media partners

Building business capacity: Amplify Asia adds 8 new media partners

MDIF is pleased to introduce eight digital media outlets from across the region that have joined Amplify Asia, an innovative business capacity-building coaching programme running since 2019. Having recently expanded the reach of the program to include South as well as Southeast Asia, this will bring to 14 the number of participants in the program.

At a time when mis- and disinformation is so prevalent in the region, we’re excited to be working with a cohort of independent media committed to providing audiences with access to accurate news and information. “Building their business capacity should have the dual function of enabling them to reach a wider audience while also strengthening their potential for financial sustainability,” said MDIF’s Program Director, Tessa Piper. The eight new Amplify Asia program participants are:

Bandung Bergerak is a hyperlocal media outlet from Indonesia that reports political and social affairs issues in Bandung, the capital of Indonesia’s West Java province. Bandung Bergerak is driven by three key principles – hyperlocal, data-driven and in-depth reporting. These principals were born out of their community-centred approach to journalism including a recent audience survey where they learned of the community’s desire for more in-depth reporting on issues local to Bandung, like economic inequality, joblessness and evictions.

Himal Southasian, a regional online magazine with a focus on the politics and culture of South Asia. The 36-year-old publication’s mission is to foster “cross-border communication and understanding in pursuit of a more integrated, open and fair society across South Asia”. With their tagline of “independent, irreverent, incisive”, the media aims to bring together a diversity of perspectives within, and about, South Asia through long-form reportage, commentaries, essays and reviews., an online news outlet run by a small independent NGO that reports and publishes research on the politics, economics and social affairs of women and minority groups in Indonesia. is one of only a few media in Indonesia to focus on women’s issues from a feminist perspective, and issues affecting marginalized groups. They regularly report on topics deemed largely taboo like sexual violence against women and trans rights which has resulted in their being subject to cyberattacks and lawsuits.

Luật Khoa Magazine, an independent, not-for-profit online magazine covering Vietnam’s political and legal scene. It is one of the very few independent media outlets focused on Vietnam, a country that routinely stamps out media that publishes content deemed critical of the government and is only able to operate because it does so from outside the country. Luật Khoa aims to serve a Vietnamese audience interested in legal and political news by publishing high-quality long-form magazine articles.

Pakistan Press International (PPI), an independent news wire agency based in Karachi that started back in 1956. PPI is seen as a credible news source and has one of the largest networks of journalists in Pakistan. PPI is a member of the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE), Organisation of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) and the News Agencies World Congress (NAWC).

Tana Bana, a media outlet based in Kathmandu, Nepal, whose most popular content is Herne Katha, a web series featuring high-quality short human interest documentaries that “tell the tales of the extraordinary lives of ordinary people and communities in Nepal”. Founded in 2018, Tana Bana just published its 100th episode of Herne Katha in February 2023, amassing over 80 million views overall.

The Centrum Media (TCM), an independent digital media, based in Pakistan, that reports on the South Asia region. It focuses on video, producing explainer-type videos and interviews to provide context on issues happening in the region. It was established in January 2017 and has amassed more than 1 million monthly unique visitors.

The Opener, an independent digital publication based in Bangkok that reports on political, economic and cultural issues in Thailand. A core mission for the Opener is to independently publish articles that support the social welfare and wellbeing of the Thai public. In an era of worsening political polarisation, the media seeks to create a space for people to have public dialogue about social issues that amplify marginalised voices.

These new participants will join six current media partners in Amplify Asia: Between the Lines from Malaysia, Davao Today from the Philippines, PumaPodcast from the Philippines, NU Jabar Online from Indonesia, Project Multatuli from Indonesia and Thai Publica from Thailand.

About Amplify Asia

Amplify Asia strengthens independent media in the region through an innovative coaching program to build their business capacity and financial sustainability. It provides support to independent media from selected countries in South and Southeast Asia.