Pluralis exercises option to purchase additional 13% stake in Gremi Media

Pluralis B.V. today announced that it has exercised an option to purchase an additional 13.43% stake in Polish company Gremi Media S.A., taking its total holding to 52.05%.

Pluralis, which invests in news companies that provide independent, quality reporting in countries in Europe where a plural media is at risk, exercised an option granted when it acquired a 38.62% shareholding in December 2021. Pluralis is managed by MDIF.

The Pluralis Supervisory Board Chair Thomas Leysen said: “This investment reflects Pluralis’ commitment to Gremi Media and our confidence in its strong position on the Polish media market. Since entering the company 20 months ago, we have worked closely with Gremi’s management and are delighted at this opportunity to deepen our engagement with the company and its team. We understand Gremi’s important role in Polish life and business and are looking forward to building on its strong fundamentals and exploring strategies for long-term company growth.”

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