Startup Portfolio

Since financing our first digital startup in December 2011, MDIF startup and early-stage investments include the following:


Scroll (India) is a digital daily of political and cultural news, focusing on analyses, reportage and commentary. Leveraging its position as independently owned in a media landscape dominated by conglomerates, it adds critical perspectives to public debate.


Versa (USA), formerly ElectNext, provides sponsored editorial that promotes wide-ranging viewpoints and audience interaction on important issues. It works by matching a sponsor with a relevant news article. The sponsor adds a response to the story that is featured as comment placed above all other comments, provoking further interaction by readers.


Studies show that iPad users tend to ‘lean back’ when using the device, spending time reading or watching long-form news and entertainment. WatchUp (USA), a video news app, allows users to create daily newscasts out of the world’s most trusted news channels.