Startup Portfolio

Since financing our first digital startup in December 2011, MDIF startup and early-stage investments include the following: (Brazil) is a citizen-to-government engagement platform, enabling city-dwellers to report everyday issues that need to be addressed, suggest urban improvements and rate public services. With more than 100,000 users, it was named World’s Best Urban App by the New Cities Foundation.

El Cambur

El Cambur (Venezuela) provides quality information in text, infographic and video formats. Based in Venezuela, a country that is sharply divided as pro- or anti-government, it is committed to the political centre, a market currently not catered for by any mainstream media. Read more.

El Meme

El Meme (Argentina) is a growing news and entertainment outlet targeting Argentinian millennials. It identifies and monitors trends as a means of understanding what is happening in the world and how events relate to their audience.


GkillCity (Ecuador) is a digital, countercultural citizens’ communication project, founded in 2011 in Guayaquil. It uses narrative, photojournalism and audiovisual storytelling to explore political and cultural themes that are ‘pro-citizen’ and seeks to combat discrimination, violence and secrecy. Read more.

Gram Vaani

Gram Vaani (India) builds communications products for the rural poor. Mobile Vaani is a voice-based social media platform – or ‘mobile radio network’ – for the non-literate and those without conventional internet connectivity. It acts as an audio hub, where people can leave messages and listen to what others say. Read more.