What is the MDIF Myanmar Media Program (MMP)?

The MMP will provide independent media customized coaching, mentoring and consulting to manage and grow their businesses. It is practical in approach, designed to provide participants with the tools and knowledge to implement strategies and plans for growth.

Who can apply for MMP?

Any independent media that fulfill MDIF’s criteria for participation (see link here) and that are in need of advice to overcome challenges to growth and to strengthen the business and organizational capacity of their organizations.

What are the eligibility criteria to participate in MMP?

Please click here for selection criteria.

What are the fees I have to pay for MMP?

There are no fees to participate in this program. However, participants will be required to sign an agreement with MDIF committing to allocate a certain amount of time to the program.

How much time do I have to allocate for MMP?

The initial coaching/mentoring period is for one year, renewable for up to three years. Working with a selected coach, each media will develop a tailored coaching plan. Consequently, time allocation will vary from media to media, but on average there will be at least four 1-3 day in-person coaching sessions per year, plus additional coaching sessions on specialist topics, as needed. Participating media will also be required to attend two rounds of group coaching during the year.

What are the focus areas covered under MMP?

MMP coaching and mentoring is focused on business and organizational management only. Depending on the needs of the specific media, topics may therefore include:

  • Strategic development
  • Business planning
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Financial control and governance
  • Media management
  • Legal frameworks
  • Talent management and incentive mechanisms
  • Digital strategies: revenue generation, content distribution, audience engagement, data analytics

Who are the coaches and mentors for the MMP program?

The coaches are experienced professionals and industry experts selected to match the needs of the media participants. Most coaches will be from South East Asia and will have strong credentials in managing independent media organizations in a period of rapid democratic transition.

What are the benefits that the media will gain from joining MMP?

  • One on one coaching with dedicated coaches with relevant experience and expertise
  • Coaching conducted in-house at your media
  • Coaching program tailor-made for the needs of your media
  • One year program focused on implementation and “show-how”
  • Designed by media development experts specifically for independent media in Myanmar
  • Opportunity to build a network of contacts around South East Asia and beyond
  • Participation in periodic group workshops on a variety of business-related topics

Apart from coaching, do I get access to grants?

Technical assistance grants will be available to participating media to enable them to cover specific needs contributing to their long term sustainability, for example hiring individuals with specific types of expertise (financial, business) whom they would otherwise lack the resources to employ.

How and where do I apply for MMP?

Submit your application here. Please note that the places are limited and we may not be able to accommodate all applications even if the fulfill all criteria.

Can I submit my application in Burmese or another Myanmar language?

All applications must be submitted in English. If you are unable to do so, please ask somebody to assist you with the application.

What language will the coaching be conducted in?

Coaching will be conducted in English but we can work with you to arrange translation if necessary.

If I need further information on MDIF, how do I contact you?

You can contact us at MMP@mdif.org