Myanmar Media Program

MDIF is managing a unique media development program for independent media institutions in Myanmar from December 2015-December 2018.

The program strengthens the business and organizational capacity of up to a dozen of Myanmar’s independent media companies. In so doing, it increases independent media’s ability to provide audiences with reliable news and information and contribute to the development of a strong and financially sustainable independent media sector in Myanmar.

MMP focuses on providing coaching and mentoring tailored to the individual needs of participating media through one-on-one expert consulting, group workshops, and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

Selection criteria for media to participate

  • Committed to providing credible, independent news, information or public interest debate.
  • Independent from the government or of any other political or economic interest group.
  • Supportive of democratic practices and institutions, political pluralism, transparency, human rights, including the rights of women and minorities, and inter-ethnic coexistence.
  • Legally registered, except in extraordinary circumstances.
  • In regular operation for at least one year. A record of quality journalism and reporting. In compelling circumstances this requirement may be waived.
  • Committed to developing a path to financial sustainability.
  • Prepared to commit sufficient time to work with coaches/mentors and carry out assigned tasks.

Selection procedure

Media that meet the above criteria and wish to be considered for participation in MDIF’s Myanmar Media Program are requested to complete the application form here. Please note that the places are limited and we may not be able to accommodate all applications even if they fulfill all criteria.

Visit the FAQ section for more information about the program.

Research on Myanmar media

MMP is also conducting a research project to gather and analyse data on the Myanmar media landscape, particularly in the regions where little data is currently available. Among its major outputs, MMP has published An Unfavorable Business: Running Local Media in Myanmar’s Ethnic States and Regions, a 66- page report that assesses the business challenges faced by the country’s local media outlets (read the full press release here) as well as an interactive map showing private local media in Myanmar’s ethnic states and regions.

MDIF launches $2.4m capacity building program for Burmese media

New York, 10 December 2015: Media Development Investment Fund today announced the launch of a $2.4 million capacity building program for media in Myanmar funded by Sweden.

The program will provide tailored capacity building support to a select group of independent media companies to help them develop the media management skills necessary to establish financially sustainable quality news businesses.

“This is an exciting yet also challenging time in Myanmar, not least for the media,” said MDIF CEO Harlan Mandel. “Our program will help key independent news outlets respond more effectively to the rapidly evolving political – and media – landscape.”

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