Business support

MDIF is more than a source of finance to the news outlets it works with: it is an active partner, supporting its investments with business assistance and strategic advice throughout our relationship.

While every news outlet we work with is a leading source of quality information, the founders and entrepreneurs who lead them may lack the business skills necessary to turn their successful content into a viable business.

With our in-house expertise and international network of media specialists, we work as an additional business resource and mentor to help clients develop their outlets to their full potential.

From first contact, we help applicants build a robust business plan. The long-term nature of our financing – usually five to ten years – means that we develop an involved relationship with clients, providing them with tailored support ranging from advice on developing new digital products to strategising on the regional expansion of a multi-platform broadcaster. Our rigorous monthly monitoring process means that we can anticipate problems before they happen and help identify effective solutions at an early stage.

We also believe that emerging market media businesses are often the best source of solutions for each other, so we foster a network of clients and provide them with regular opportunities to meet, discuss and share answers to their common problems.