MDIF clients provide independent news to 42 million people

The Media Development Impact Dashboard 2012 reveals that more people than ever before get their news from MDIF (formerly MDLF) clients – together they have a reach of more than 42 million.

It also shows that working with MDIF has a positive impact on the financial sustainability of a news business: news outlets working with MDIF saw their sales grow by an average of 6.2% last year – despite the challenging economic environment particularly in Russia, Ukraine and SE Europe – while those working with us for five years enjoyed sales growth of 377% (134% if outliers are excluded).

The Impact Dashboard is an annual assessment of the impact our work has on the financial sustainability of news businesses. It is compiled by analysing sales, reach and other performance data gathered over the length of our relationship, usually five to seven years, and provides an intimate portrait of the development of each client – and through it, an indication of the impact of our work.

The key findings of the Impact Dashboard 2012 include:

  • More than 42 million people in developing democracies got their news from our clients in 2011, an increase of more than 3 million from 2010.
  • In 2011, news businesses working with MDLF saw their reach grow by an average of 55% and sales increase by 6.2%.
  • After 5 years with MDLF, clients on average increased their sales by 377% and their reach by 78%.
  • For every $10,000 invested, MDLF supported access to independent news for 9,612 readers, listeners and viewers.
  • Each dollar invested by MDLF leveraged $2.25 in client sales.

The Impact Dashboard also looks at overall client financial viability by analysing a number of risk indicators, as well as the number of people they employ.

Read more on the Media Development Impact Dashboard here.

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