MDIF digital specialists interviewed by La Nacion

Ross Settles, MDIF Senior Advisor for Digital Media, and Syed Karim, Director of Innovation and founder of Outernet, have been video interviewed by Argentina’s La Nacion.

The interviews were tied to our investment in three startup digital projects coming out of Media Factory, an accelerator for news media based in Buenos Aires.

In a wide-ranging interview, Syed discussed how consumption and distribution patterns are changing and to what extent the digital transition is already over. He also explained how Outernet, which he co-founded and which has been incubated by MDIF, will broadcast internet data from a constellation of small satellites to all regions of the world free of charge. Watch the interview here.

Ross was  quizzed over the characteristics of successful digital news operations and what MDIF looks for when it considers making a digital investment.  He also explained how digital outlets can attract new types of consumers and discussed whether automatically-generated content will replace journalists. Watch the interview here.

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