Harlan Mandel discusses political risk and impact investing in Ukraine

MDIF CEO Harlan Mandel discussed political risk and impact investing in Ukraine and other conflict zones on a webinar with ImpactAlpha, a leading digital media platform for impact investing.

Harlan explained how political risk lies at the heart of MDIF’s business model; we finance companies that face heightened political risk because the nature of their work – providing reliable news and information that holds authorities to account, exposes corruption and defends the rights of minorities – brings them into conflict with governments. The media companies we work with are highly skilled in navigating their political environments and MDIF works to support them in their mission to provide reliable news in sensitive environments.

The panel of experts also included Caroline Bressan, Managing Director of Open Road Alliance, Daniel Kozlov, Chief Creative Officer at Sapiens Impact, and Jessica Bleyzer, Partner at SigmaBleyzer.

Watch a recording of the discussion here (Harlan at 15m30s).

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