Knowledge Bridge opens as a digital resource centre

MDIF has relaunched the Knowledge Bridge website as a digital training and consultancy resource centre.

The site has been completely rebuilt and the content refocused. It provides practical, relevant materials that can be used by news businesses in emerging markets to develop digital products, generate digital revenues and make informed decisions about their digital business.

Many of the guides, outlines and slideshows are taken from training materials we created for trainings and consultancies, and have already been shown to be effective in supporting our clients in their business development. Others have been specially created to provide an introduction to important issues or step-by-step how-to guides.

The Knowledge Bridge aims to provide resources for news outlets at every stage of the digital journey, for organisations just setting out on the road to transition to established players. For example:

  • What to ask before deciding on a paywall: A guide to the arguments for and against charging for access to online content, and tips for news organisations to help them find the right answer for their business.
  • Growing Your Online Business: An explanation of trends and techniques available to traditional local newspaper publishers and local TV broadcasters to grow their online business, both the size of their audience and the opportunity for increased online revenue. (Seminar participants: Russia, Ukraine.)
  • Building a Web Plan: Resources to help radio broadcasters and producers develop sustainable online websites for their radio operations. (Seminar participants: Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, and Afghanistan.)

The site also includes the most actionable articles from its previous incarnation as a blog on the trends and developments in the digital news business.

Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for topics to include.

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