Impact on clients

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Impact on Clients

Our primary objective is to support independent media organizations with the financing and technical assistance they need to maintain their editorial independence, facilitate their growth and fulfil their critical role of providing society with timely and reliable information. To assess the extent to which working with MDIF helps develop news businesses that are viable over the long term, we analyse changes in client reach, revenues and other indicators of business performance throughout the course of our relationship. This longitudinal assessment shows consistent evidence of sustained growth experienced by the media businesses we support.


Over the course of involvement with MDIF, supported media businesses grow their audiences, which means that more people have access to quality, independent news in countries where independent media are under threat, based on the World Press Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders.

Free Partly free Not free
In 2020, MDIF clients provided news and information to 262 million people, 99% living in countries where the press is not free or only partly free.

From year 1 to year 2


From year 1 to year 3


From year 1 to year 4


From year 1 to year 5

After five years of working with MDIF, clients increased their reach by an average of 190%.


As an impact investor, we provide media companies with the flexible support they need to enhance their financial viability. While working with MDIF, news businesses increase their revenues - their improved financial stability enables them to continue delivering high-impact journalism, take advantage of new opportunities and face challenges from a position of strength.


From year 1 to year 2


From year 1 to year 3


From year 1 to year 4


From year 1 to year 5

After five years of working with MDIF, clients increased their revenues by an average of 205%.
Invested Leveraged
In 2020, each dollar invested by MDIF leveraged $2.82 in client revenues.

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