European Press Prize opens for entries

The European Press Prize 2013 is open for entries until the end of November. Every year, it recognises the best investigative journalism and commentary from across the 47 countries of Europe.

MDIF co-founded the prize in 2012 in partnership with 6 European media-owning foundations to promote the role of journalism in democracy and society.

Awards are given in four categories, each one for 10,000 euros to be spent on a personal project related to journalism. The judges may also award a special prize for excellence in editing, reporting, feature writing or advocacy.

The award categories are:

The Investigative Reporting Award: For the individual or team effort which has done most to unearth facts that the public – and society – has a right to know.

The Distinguished Writing Award: A prize that salutes the best reportage and feature writing illuminating vital issues at home and abroad.

The Commentator Award: For the commentator, columnist or editor whose work has made a decisive impact.

The Innovation Award: For the idea – presentational, technical or in terms of editorial techniques – that has made a clear contribution to journalism’s future.

The Special Award: A special prize for particular excellence in editing or any other discipline, including reporting, feature-writing and advocacy.

MDIF co-founded the prize  with The Foundation for Democracy and Media (The Netherlands), The Veronica Association (The Netherlands), The Guardian Foundation (United Kingdom), The Thomson Reuters Foundation (United Kingdom), The Jyllands-Posten Foundation (Denmark) and The Politiken Foundation (Denmark).

The closing date for entries is 29 November 2013. For more information and to apply, follow this link.

Photo: © European Union 2012 – European Parliament

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