Documentary examines continuing attacks on Vijesti and media freedom in Montenegro

Since its launch in 1997, Vijesti daily has been at the forefront of independent media in Montenegro. Its website is the leading independent news website, and its sister station TV Vijesti is the most trusted broadcaster. But Vijesti has always aimed to be more than just a popular news outlet, placing dedication to high-quality independent news and information at the core of its mission. For its determined reporting, the outlet has been subjected to an unrelenting campaign of intimidation by the ruling party and its allies. Yet despite consistent political and economic pressure, as well as numerous violent incidents including a bomb attack, a shooting and other physical assaults on its staff, Vijesti remains a stalwart advocate for political freedom, human rights and democratic values. This 1-hour documentary broadcast by TV Vijesti raises serious questions about the country’s commitment to a free press and examines continuing impunity for crimes against journalists.

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