Colab holds virtual summit to examine how to improve Brazil’s public services

Presidential candidates, mayors, political activists and public managers are participating in the Colab Gov Summit, a 100% free online event, from May 22-24.

This year, Brazilians will vote for new public regulations amid successive corruption scandals and high-profile cases of state inefficiency. In an effort to resolve widespread frustration with the democratic process, the social network Colab, a collaborative management platform that connects citizens to public managers in their cities, will hold the Colab Gov Summit, a 100% digital and free event with 40 of the country’s top specialists in public management.

Among those taking part is presidential candidate Marina Silva, the Mayor of Recife and various political activists, specialists and public managers. Each participant will give their vision of what needs to be done to make the Brazilian State more efficient, transparent and participative.

The initiative is the first to bring together the top technical and specialist knowledge from all corners of the country.

The three-day event will share knowledge and enable interaction in the same way as a live congress, but the online format will allow anyone from any part of the country – and beyond – to actively participate. Registration is free and open to all.

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