Building fairer societies by reporting on social issues

MDIF clients provide independent news and information to millions of people around the world that helps them to make informed decisions about their lives. They set national and local agendas, and their influence on public perception means that they play a key role in shaping how people view their society and the world around them. By shining a light on issues that impact people’s lives but are often left in the shadows, like the environment, gender, ethnicity and LGBT, media outlets play a pivotal role in initiating social change and helping people find peaceful solutions to social problems. Through fact-based reporting and insightful opinions, they raise awareness, increase understanding and facilitate informed public debate for all sections of society.

From women’s health to indigenous land rights, navigate this interactive map to find concrete examples of how our clients have created real change in their communities through their reporting in the past two years. The icons correspond to the following categories: environment , gender, ethnicity and LGBT. For a full screen version click here. For best results use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

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