Supporting high-quality journalism


MDIF is proud of its record supporting high-quality, non-partisan media around the world. Often under difficult circumstances, journalists at the outlets we work with provide the news, information and debate that people need to create thriving, free societies. In recent years, many of our current and former clients have won national and international awards for […]

Impacting societies through corruption and accountability reporting


From local news websites to national broadcasters, our clients have a profound impact on their societies through reporting on corruption and government accountability. By unearthing stories that otherwise may remain untold, they curtail impunity and promote integrity among those in power, at the same time empowering citizens to demand  justice. In order to highlight the […]

Election coverage: Educating voters, exposing fraud, increasing participation


Over the last three years, elections were held in twelve countries where we work. This interactive presentation explores how coverage by the news outlets we work with played a role in improving voter knowledge, exposing corruption and increasing participation. For a full screen version click here. For best results use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

responsAbility Press Freedom Voncert – Quarterly report 3Q 2016


Each quarter responsAbility publishes a report on the performance of the responsAbility Press Freedom Voncert, a certificate which invests in MDIF. Download the latest: responsAbility Press Freedom Voncert Report 3Q 2016

Impact Dashboard 2016


Impact assessment is a critical part of our work. Since 2005, we have published our Impact Dashboard to publicly present the findings of our annual analysis. The Dashboard provides a comprehensive description of impact results from the preceding year as well as longitudinal analysis of outcomes across our portfolio. We focus our impact assessment efforts […]