Mabel Cáceres: Journalist-entrepreneur giving Peruvians a voice


Mabel Cáceres was through with Peru’s President interfering with her reporting when she launched her news business. “I was directing a local TV channel owned by a university in 1999. The university, its authorities and the channel succumbed to the regime of President Alberto Fujimori,” said Cáceres, founder and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine and online […]

Timeline: How Nepalese radio used Facebook to build online audience


In less than three years, Ujyaalo 90 Network went from having no website and little social media presence to being the third largest Nepali-owned media website with over 400,000 Facebook followers. This interactive timeline explains how.

Radio Pikon Ane – Voices from Papua


The first radio station in a remote corner of Indonesia – which radio news agency KBR68H helped set up – has had an amazing impact on the lives of the local community.

KBR68H Helps Set Up Radio Pikon Ane


How radio news agency KBR68H helped set up radio stations using solar and hydro-power in remote Papua, Indonesia.

10 years of Malaysiakini


Malaysiakini has been providing “news and views that matter” for 10 years. Watch a montage of their highs and lows of the past decade.