Helping independent media stay independent in a digital world


In an op-ed for, MDIF Knowledge Bridge Editor and Digital Strategist Kevin Anderson explains why, with much of the world’s media in crisis, he is taking on a new challenge with MDIF (formerly MDLF): to help independent media in emerging democracies stay independent in a digital world.

Vijesti reporter attacked


Olivera Lakic, an investigative reporter with Montenegro’s only independent daily Vijesti, was attacked when she opened the door of her apartment building on the evening of 7 March 2012. Ms Lakic was hospitalized after an unidentified man hit her several times on the head. This was not the first time that Ms Lakic has been […]

MDIF launches digital investment fund


MDIF has launched an early-stage fund for digital news and information businesses, Digital News Ventures®. Digital News Ventures provides early-stage equity finance from $30,000 to $300,000 to entrepreneurs whose ideas can be used to provide news and information that is important to open societies or can help develop financially sustainable news businesses. Its goal is […]

Express’s future jeopardized by government threats


After a long campaign of threats and other harassment, the Ukrainian government appears to have interfered in the judicial process to secure a court ruling that jeopardises Express‘s future. A court ruled against the newspaper in a case concerning the ownership of the company, ignoring a superior court judgment and legal precedent. Within hours of […]