SAMIP rounds off the year with a bang


In South Africa, the weeks before Christmas are punctuated with fireworks during Diwali, the festival of lights celebrated by the local Hindi population, and Guy Fawkes, a British celebration that still brings out the cracker enthusiasts in our country. The South Africa Media Innovation Program had its own explosive time with events and developments galore. […]

Somali journalist shot at by police officer


An unidentified police officer fired several shots at close range at Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed, Director-General of Radio Daljir in the city of Bossasso in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland in Somalia, as he was leaving the station’s offices on 9 December. Mr Mohamed escaped unhurt. When firing the shots, the officer reportedly shouted: “Why do […]

MAS publishes media management guide to podcasting


Media Advisory Services has published a guide to podcasting, the fifth in its series of publications on important aspects of media management. Read or download it here. The guides help media decision-makers understand some of the key topics in digital news provision, and give them practical support in adopting concepts that will improve their operations […]

MAS holds training on native advertising and digital media


Media Advisory Services (MAS), MDIF’s technical assistance division, held two major training events on native advertising and digital media in November. In line with our strategy of holding training around important media conferences to maximize impact, the events also featured workshops and best practice visits. Native Advertising, Berlin: Eight selected clients (plus three participants in […]

MDIF publishes Myanmar local media business report


New York, 6 November 2018: Media Development Investment Fund today published An Unfavorable Business: Running Local Media in Myanmar’s Ethnic States and Regions, a 66- page report that assesses the business challenges faced by the country’s local media outlets. The report is based on research conducted from April-August 2018, as well as data gathered during […]