Snapchat selects Hashtag our Stories for incubator


Hashtag our Stories, a participant in MDIF’s South Africa Media Innovation Program (SAMIP), has been selected by Snapchat to take part in its inaugural incubator program, Yellow. Hashtag our Stories, a network of mobile journalists publishing video stories on social media, is one of nine companies to take up a three-month residency in Snapchat’s headquarters […]

Clients win numerous awards for journalism, management and innovation


Despite the increasingly alarming attacks on the media and press freedom worldwide, great journalism still abounds. From digital startups to multi-platform broadcasters, a number of MDIF clients have been presented with awards and honours in recognition of the quality and importance of their reporting so far this year. As of September 2018, we had recorded […]

Guatemala’s elPeriódico hit by a new wave of intimidation


Guatemala’s leading investigative daily elPeriódico is facing a new round of pressure for its critical reporting. New legal actions against its founder and director, José Rubén Zamora, and a cyberattack are the latest in a long list of intimidation it has faced since its founding two decades ago, attacks that include a mock execution, kidnapping, […]

News website paves the way for Malaysia’s democratic transition


Malaysia woke to a new dawn of democracy on May 10, 2018. For the first time since independence 61 years ago, the Prime Minister was not a member of the UMNO party. In the previous day’s election, the Malaysian people rejected authoritarian rule. They said no to control by a coalition of vested interests, to […]

Colab holds virtual summit to examine how to improve Brazil’s public services


Presidential candidates, mayors, political activists and public managers are participating in the Colab Gov Summit, a 100% free online event, from May 22-24. This year, Brazilians will vote for new public regulations amid successive corruption scandals and high-profile cases of state inefficiency. In an effort to resolve widespread frustration with the democratic process, the social […]