SFS Ventures acquires a controlling interest in Polish radio company Eurozet


Prague, February 20, 2019: SFS Ventures s.r.o. today announced that it has acquired 60% of the share capital of Polish radio company Eurozet sp. z o.o. from Czech Media Invest. Leading independent Polish media company Agora S.A. has acquired the remaining 40% as a passive minority investor with an option to buy-out SFS Ventures in […]

MDIF launches private equity impact fund for independent media


New York, February 7, 2019: As illiberal democracies advance around the world and even digital darlings like Buzzfeed, HuffPost and Vice announce lay-offs, a new approach to investing in impactful media is needed. Recognising that challenging times call for creative solutions, MDIF today announced the launch of Emerging Media Opportunity Fund I (EMOF), the first […]

Montenegro’s Vijesti suffers cyberattacks and fears violence


Montenegro’s independent news portal Vijesti has suffered a series of cyberattacks amid fears of renewed violence, as President Milo Djukanovic ramps up his campaign against critical media. The Vijesti portal and daily have reported extensively on a fierce dispute between President Djukanovic and businessman and owner of the Atlas Group, Dusko Knezevic. The dispute centres […]

SAMIP rounds off the year with a bang


In South Africa, the weeks before Christmas are punctuated with fireworks during Diwali, the festival of lights celebrated by the local Hindi population, and Guy Fawkes, a British celebration that still brings out the cracker enthusiasts in our country. The South Africa Media Innovation Program had its own explosive time with events and developments galore. […]

Somali journalist shot at by police officer


An unidentified police officer fired several shots at close range at Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed, Director-General of Radio Daljir in the city of Bossasso in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland in Somalia, as he was leaving the station’s offices on 9 December. Mr Mohamed escaped unhurt. When firing the shots, the officer reportedly shouted: “Why do […]