Anna Krynska

Anna Maria Krynska, Chief Investment Officer, has more than 16 years of experience in capital investments in emerging markets. She joined MDIF in 1997, first as a Financial Consultant, later serving as Senior Financial Analyst. Anna Maria has headed MDIF’s investment department since February 2008. In her various roles at MDIF, she has advised, assessed and developed business plans for scores of news outlets of every form across the developing world. Prior to joining MDIF, she was a financial analyst at Fidea Management, a management company of X NFI Foksal (one of Poland’s national investment funds), after working as an analyst in the M&A department of CIECH, a Polish chemical holding. Anna Maria started her professional career in the capital investment department of Bank Handlowy in Warsaw. She holds an MA in Corporate Finance and Banking Systems from the SGH School of Commerce in Warsaw and a certificate from l’Institut Francais de Gestion (IFG). She is based in Warsaw.