Board of Directors

Sheila Coronel (Chair)
Dean of Academic Affairs at Columbia University’s School of Journalism

Ying Chan
Director, Journalism and Media Studies Centre, The University of Hong Kong

Alexej Fulmek
General Director and Chairman of the Board, Petit Press

Nani Jansen Reventlow
Director, Digital Freedom Fund

Adriaan Stoop (Vice-Chair and Interim Treasurer)
Attorney, Bergh, Stoop & Sanders

Harlan Mandel


Previous Chairs and Board members

Bernard Poulet: 2000-2019 (Chair 2009-2019)
Alexander Papchristou: 2004-2018
Houston Spencer: 2016-2018
Tony Haile: 2017-2018
Judith Brandsma: 2015-2017
John Ryle: 2000-2016
Mohamed Nanabhay: 2013-2015
Aryeh Neier: 1995-2015; Board Member Emeritus
Annette Laborey: 1995-2013; Board Member Emeritus
Gerald Nagler: 2007-2012; Board Member Emeritus
Sasa Vucinic: 1995-2011
Kenneth Anderson: 1995-2009 (Chair 1997-2009)
Stuart Auerbach: 1995-2003 (Chair 1996-1997)
Roberto Eisenmann: 2001-2001
Konstanty Gebert: 1997-2000
Jan Urban: 1997-1999