Up to 65 million people get their news from MDIF clients

The Media Development Impact Dashboard 2013 finds that more people than ever before get their news from MDIF clients – up to 65 million people in countries where access to free and independent media is under threat – and that working with MDIF strengthens a news business’s sustainability.

These are some of the findings of our eighth Impact Dashboard, a detailed analysis of the impact of our work on the financial sustainability of independent news businesses.

By tracking the performance of each client throughout the length of our relationship, usually more than five years, we are able to assess our impact on each client’s business over time.

The key findings of the Impact Dashboard 2013 include:

  • Up to 65 million people in developing democracies got their news from our clients in 2012 – 55 million through traditional media and 10 million through digital. (There will be some double-counting, as some people get their news through both types of media, however, it is not yet possible to reliably estimate the amount of  audience duplication.)
  • After 5 years with MDIF, clients on average increased their sales by 240% and their reach by 111%.
  • For every $10,000 invested, MDIF supported access to independent news for 12,971 readers, listeners and viewers.
  • Each dollar invested by MDIF leveraged $2.22 in client sales.

Although client reach grew strongly in 2012 – 52% for traditional media and 82% for digital – the economic challenges facing news businesses as they confront both the digital transition and the continuing fall-out of the global financial crisis are clear: last year, sales grew on average by only 0.7%.

Read the full MDIF Impact Dashboard 2013.

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