MDIF only provides financing in countries which have been approved by our Board of Directors. On receiving an application from a news outlet in a country in which we have not worked, the Board will decide whether it is a country we can work in after analysing its media, legal and business environments. Only once that has been confirmed will we consider the merits of an application.

To be eligible to apply for financing, a media outlet must:

  • Have been operating legally in its home country for at least a year (there are very limited exceptions to this rule).
  • Have an established reputation for promoting democratic institutions and practices and exercising the principles of a free, independent and responsible press.
  • Devote a significant part of editorial content or programming to fact-based news and documentaries, independent from the influence of the government or of any other interest group.
  • Offer coverage of different political opinions and promote human rights, the rights of ethnic minorities and inter-ethnic co-existence.
  • Not be owned by the government, a state agency, a foreign legal entity or an oligarch business interest that may interfere with editorial policy for its own interests.
  • Present a detailed project aimed at broadening and strengthening the outlet’s operation.
  • Have strong prospects of being able to repay the loan and becoming self-sustaining.
  • Ensure that funds will be used as stipulated and provide MDIF with unrestricted access to accounting records.

DNV Eligibility

Please note that Digital News Ventures has separate criteria and application process. Please refer here for more information.