MDIF Portfolio Review 2013


The MDIF Portfolio Review 2013 provides an overview of the performance of our investment portfolio, including visualisations of allocations by geography, press freedom ranking and economic development.


responsAbility Press Freedom Voncert – Quarterly report 1Q 2014


Each quarter responsAbility publishes a report on the performance of the responsAbility Press Freedom Voncert, a certificate which invests in MDIF. Download the latest: responsAbility Press Freedom Voncert Report 1Q2014


Why are information and free media development priorities?


Why are access to information and free media development priorities? Here’s an engaging explanation by our partners The Global Forum for Media Development.

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European Press Prize Award Ceremony


Journalists from Russia, Turkey and Croatia were among those honoured by the European Press Prize at a special ceremony in London on 17 March 2014.

Mayor 300

Newspaper investigation leads to Russian Mayor’s dismissal for corruption


While the media’s influence in shaping global events is often reported, it’s the local stories of corruption and abuse of power that more often impact on people’s lives. Yet no one beyond the local audience hears how regular investigative reporting can change local communities for the better. Here’s a story from Russia, where one newspaper’s […]