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MDIF digital specialists interviewed by La Nacion


Ross Settles, MDIF Senior Advisor for Digital Media, and Syed Karim, Director of Innovation and founder of Outernet, have been video interviewed by Argentina’s La Nacion. The interviews were tied to our investment in three startup digital projects coming out of Media Factory, an accelerator for news media based in Buenos Aires. In a wide-ranging […]


Outernet satellite broadcast goes live


On August 11, Outernet went live, broadcasting web content via satellite to anyone in North America or Europe with a receiver. At present, over 1.3 billion people are able to access content through Outernet and that number is expected to grow to 4 billion by the end of the year. During the testing period, Outernet […]

Interview with mic300

What happens when India’s poor access a social network?


Across India, long unfinished construction projects for health care clinics and schools are being completed. Widows of deceased migrant workers are receiving compensation they’re due by law. Farmers are accessing information on government programs and practices that can increase their productivity. Fishermen are sharing weather information in real-time with other fishermen. India’s poor are finding a voice—or more accurately, a media […]


Mabel Cáceres named by RSF as one of 100 Information Heroes


Mabel Cáceres, founder of the Peruvian weekly El Buho (The Owl), was named as one of 100 Information Heroes by Reporters Sans Frontières on World Press Freedom Day, 3 May. Mabel launched El Buho in Arequipa, Peru’s second largest city, in 2000. The weekly covers issues such as corruption, illicit enrichment and the reconstruction of […]

Mayor 300

Newspaper investigation leads to Russian Mayor’s dismissal for corruption


While the media’s influence in shaping global events is often reported, it’s the local stories of corruption and abuse of power that more often impact on people’s lives. Yet no one beyond the local audience hears how regular investigative reporting can change local communities for the better. Here’s a story from Russia, where one newspaper’s […]