US investment fund acquires stake in leading Polish media business Agora


New York, June 6, 2016: Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), a specialized US-based investment fund with a global portfolio of media investments, today announced that it has acquired 5,350,000 shares, representing 11.22% of share capital or 8.26% of voting shares, in leading Polish media company Agora SA. MDIF invests in leading media businesses around the […]


Russian Media Commission finds NTV attack on independent media ‘unsubstantiated and false’


The Public Commission for Media Complaints found a program broadcast by Russian national television network NTV, one of the main vehicles of state propaganda, attacking MDIF and Russian independent media as “unsubstantiated and false”. “Debtors of the State Department” triggered outrage in the Russian media community when it was broadcast on 4 March. It described […]

Kanak Mani Dixit 300

Nepal’s Supreme Court orders release of detained journalist


On 3 May, Nepal’s Supreme Court ordered the release of Kanak Mani Dixit – co-publisher of MDIF client Himalmedia, and a columnist for several international outlets – who had been detained for 10 days. In what appeared to be an attempt to silence a critical journalist, police acting on behalf of the Commission for the […]


MDIF rolls out $2.4m capacity building program for Burmese media


MDIF is rolling out a $2.4 million capacity building program for media in Myanmar, the Myanmar Media Program (MMP), funded by Sweden. Preparations began in late 2015 and in January MDIF’s board selected 11 media organizations, out of 27 applicants, to join the program, which provides intensive tailored capacity building to help them establish financially […]

steven gan 300

The story that divides Malaysian media

19/04/2016 editor Steven Gan talks to Al Jazeera’s The Listening Post about how crony mainstream media have failed to report on the 1MDB scandal – in which $700m was allegedly diverted to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s private bank account – and how the government is now trying to silence reporting online. Read the interview and watch […]